• Application Support
  • 3D Modeling / Mold Design / Drafting
  • 2D to 3D Conversion / Data Translation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • NC Programming
  • Post Processor Customization
  • Product Design
  • Finite Element Analysis of Structure
  • Computational fluid Dynamic Analysis
  • Plastic Flow Analysis
  • Process Automation / Customization
  • Outsourcing



Post Processor Customization

We started our business in Year 2000 in Singapore, and have since established offices in Johor and Penang. In these 15 years of business, we have also established a network of customers ranging from small local SMEs to large MNCs.

We have established our strengths in Software Automation and Post processor customization. We have provided post processors to FMC Technologies, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Shimano, GE Aerospace, United Technologies Aerospace, Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing and many more. We have also provided Post processors to users and customers as far away as Australia. Most of our post processors are done production ready in less than two test cut for five axis machines and above. For 3axis & 4axis it is customized in such a way that it does not need any onsite support.

Post Processor Customization

Non Standard Function Customization

  • Angular head support for Toshiba Machine
  • Support for Sub Programming format
  • Support for Tailstock and Steady rest
  • CogsDill Seat pocket Machining support
  • Insert change support for Machining Harder material like Inconnel
  • Conversion of 2 Axis program into 4 Axis Program
  • Turning cycle support for any version software
  • Gun Drill Support
  • Interrupted Drilling support
  • Probing Program support
  • Part Loading and unloading support
  • Part takeover support from first spindle to Second Spindle
  • Quill Movement support
  • Hole Ramping program support
  • Support for Special Thread milling
  • Helical Interpolation support
  • Macro programming support
  • Setupsheet Integration with Excel, Drafting and Word files
Non Standard Function Customization